810 straight Drip tip "Copper Flip Glitter"

  • £12.00

A beautiful handmade custom drip-tip in my custom made "Copper Flip Glitter" acrylic  

This tip has been hand made using real glitter, it sparkles and flips colors with silvers and golds sparkling as the tip is turned  

The drip-tip you are buying is the one in the pictures, there is only one available
This drip-tip has been made to fit the 810 size fitment like:

Goon 22/24

Kennedy 24 RDA

Kylin RTA

Ammit (Dual coil)

Mesh RDA

Dead Rabbit

And many more.......

This drip tip will fit any 810 fitment but you need to check the insert depth as this varies from RDA to RDA

Please be aware that this drip tip has no O'rings so will not fit atomizers like the TFV8 range. 


The specs:
Height -- 10.5mm when inserted
Width --18mm
Bore --9.2mm
Insert depth -- 4.5mm
Fitment size -- 810

Sale is for the drip-tip only, the atomizer is not included