Custom Orders

What is custom work?

This is where the customer can specify the color or color combinations 

The design shape and size of the drip-tip

I have a wide range of tanks but unfortunately i don't own every tank on the market. 


How do I order?

Ordering some custom work is easy, just message me either by Email  or through Facebook.

We will then discus your requirements 


Whats the waiting time?

Waiting time depends on how many orders are in the build Que, but it normally takes me 2 days to make a custom set a day to pour and cure the resin and a day to build the set.

Please be aware though that as these are handmade things do go wrong when im making them so the time can be extended.

Colors, shapes and sizes

I have quite a few different colors that i can pour as a single, double or double with highlight.

As much as i try and control the how the pattern turns out it changes as the cures it takes on a life of its own and moves but that's part of the fun and makes each tip completely unique.

With custom orders the customer can within reason specify the Colors,size and shape of the drip-tip.


If you are thinking about or have any other questions please message me via the website or contact me via Facebook