New picture drip tips

Jason Newman

I have developed a way that i can add virtually any picture into the resin, the pictures are not stuck to the inside of the bore they are 100% embedded within the resin 

I can make these in 810/510/810 with o'ring 

I can custom make Names, pictures,Logos,Company Logos the list is endless 

Do you want a family picture put inside..... no problem just message me 

these type drip tips are more for the custom order as there are thousands of possibility's 

The price is the same for any design and is the same for custom orders, so if there is a design, logo or even a name you'd like just message me.



Football teams are no problem, if you cant see your team message me for a custom order 

Like MotoGP or F1 i can do them give me a message for custom orders 

your favorite sweets.... can be made no problem  

Film drip tips are no problem  

This one was a custom Percy Pig i made for Mrs Moomoo 

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